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Download : [url] [/url]

*Real-Life Stunting v6.3

Genere: Roleplay; Stunting; Racing; Drifting; DeathMatching; Freeroam.
Commmands: Too lazy to count. Tons of them.

Features: -Race system (thnx to Yagu, edited by me)
-House system (thnx to Antironix, edited by me)
-Object streamer (thnx to Boylett )
-Property system (thnx Sandra, edited by me)
-Jobs system (me)
-Anti-Fall (MaVe, heavily edited by me)
-Shop system (me)
-Gang system
-Wanted system
-Hitman system
-License system (me)
-Bank system (me)
-Pirate Ship system (a guy)
-Teleports, by category and randomly (by me)
-DM Zones (me)
-Admin system (thnx to Andre, heavily edited by me)
-Stats saving & loading (me)
-Interactiv tutorials in-game
-Max Ping Kicker
-Eat & Sleep commands , in house (me)
-Some other that you will discover...

! Notes

*This Gamemode is not a GF Edit and doesnt uses parts of GF either.

*This Gamemode has 2 folders in Scriptfiles, Houses and in Houses the folder Users, so : Server/Scriptfiles/Houses/Users/ .
If you do not create the folders the server will crash at start !

*This Gamemode uses xStreamer v4.3,
To install it:

1. You need .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 ( Windows , not needed for linux )
2. You need xStreamer.dll (for Windows) if you have a LInux server then you need to complie the Streamer yourself, check xStreamer Topic
3. You need xStreamer in your filterscripts folder & xStreamer.dll or .os and so on... in your plugins folder
4. In your server.cfg you need to have the "plugins" line and add xStreamer.dll (windows) or xStreamer.os (linux os) and so on...
5. In your server.cfg you need to have the xStreamer filterscript at the "filterscripts" lines.
6. In your script that uses Objects, you need to have the xStreamer include ( and in your pawno/includes folder )
7. Run the server ! :]

*Do the above if you encounter
Script[gamemodes/allnone.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"

*If you encounter server crash upon Kick/Ban replace Line:
case 3: format(cstring, sizeof(cstring), "(ID:%d ) %s has left the server... (Kicked or Banned)", playerid, pName);
case 2: format(cstring, sizeof(cstring), "(ID:%d ) %s has left the server... (Kicked or Banned)", playerid, pName);
-i'm terribly sorry for this, i saw it too late
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